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Wood Species

Our current solid door models are produced from the following species:


English Name: Manchurian Ash
Family : Oleaceae
Latin Name : Fraxinus Mandshurica Rupr.
Origin: Northern China, Russia and Far East region


English Name: Okume
Family: Burseraceae
Latin Name: Aucoumea Klaineana Pierre
Origin: Gabon, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, and Indonesia

Burmese Cherry

English Name: Raisin Tree
Family: Rhamnaceae Juss.
Latin Name: Hovenia dulcis Thunb
Origin: South-West region of China, Burma

Golden Silk Teak (Burmese Teak)

English Name: Purple Nanmu
Family: Lauraceae
Latin name: Phoebe Sheareri
Origin: South-West region of China, Burma

Red Oak

English Name: Oak
Family: Fagaceae
Latin Name: Quercus rubra
Origin: North America

Knotty Alder

English Name: Alder
Family: Betulaceae
Latin Name: Alnus
Origin: North America

Radiata Pine (Core material)

English Name: Radiata Pine
Family: Pinaceae
Latin Name: Pinus insignis Douglas ex Loudon
Origin: New Zealand